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Deck By Design Experience: What To Expect

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Do you plan to create a comfortable outdoor space to entertain or simply relax, but do not know where to start? Are you asking yourself if you should hire a professional deck builder or take on a DIY project? Unfortunately, not many of us could afford dedicating hours of researching, filing paperwork, and performing skilled labor. Starting such a big home improvement project as building a deck is not always a choice. By hiring a professional builder you could have your project finished faster and be sure of the quality of the completed project.

At Deck By Design, we provide a stress free cutting edge design and build experience. Our professional team of architects will produce a functional outdoor space design to compliment your home. Our goal is to give you a space that will fit your lifestyle needs.

There are a number of decisions that any homeowner has to make along the design process. First, the size of your deck has to be defined. Depending on the home and property size, we usually present  our clients with several design options. It is also the time to think about the style of the future deck. The deck structure could be freestanding or attached to a home, it could be a simple single level deck or a complex multilevel construction with stairs linking the levels.

The next step is to look at building materials: traditional wood or composite decking. Last, but not least, is to figure out all bells and whistles: deck railing materials and styles, deck lighting, possibility of having build-in benches, lattice skirting, adding deck privacy walls, adding a deck gazebo, and a pergola among them. But we always ask our clients to keep in mind that the size of a new deck should minimum have enough space for the furniture and for family members to move around.

Now it is time to discuss the budget. The price for the same size deck with different features might vary when adding extra features, such as built-in benches which require additional materials and add to the cost per square foot.

Adding additional features will play the defining role in the final price for any project. Our experts will adjust all design specifications to the client’s budget. The final price for the project will be presented before we start, with no hidden costs.

So, that dream deck has been designed, and the budget has been set, now it is time to move to the building stage.

It is extremely time consuming and sometimes frustrating for a homeowner to obtain all necessary permits to build a home addition. Deck By Design will take that bureaucratic burden off your shoulders. Our team will check with the client’s state, county, and city offices for all necessary permits before starting the project. In addition, we will also check with local utilities companies for locating any underground cables or wires. And don’t forget about the homeowner associations, we will coordinate with them if there are any size, color, product or design requirements.

We will prepare the site and build the home addition in a timely manner. At the end of production, we double check every detail to ensure our clients are satisfied with the end result. We arrange the final inspection and approval with local officials as the critical conclusion for the project.

Deck By Design’s team brings the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship to any project, large or small.

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